Monday, 9 November 2015

Microsoft to play a big role in Digital transformation of India

‘Future Unleashed’ held in Mumbai was supposed to be the Microsoft’s largest ever customer conference in India got some more factors of enthusiasm from people as the Newly appointed Indo-American CEO of Microsoft ‘Satya Nadella’ addressed various people from the world of Business and Politics.

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Nadella said “At Microsoft, we strive to empower every Indian citizen and every business and government organization to achieve more. With the newly launched Microsoft Cloud and with Surface Pro 4, our customers here in India have the digital technology they need to seize incredible new growth and opportunity on a global scale."

Microsoft announced a number of programs, partnerships and products which will help Indian organizations and governments to leverage technology for the benefit of new business areas and enhance customer experiences using a host of Microsoft’s latest cloud services and new devices. Bhaskar Pramanik - Chairman, Microsoft India asserted that "Cloud and mobile technologies are already galvanizing Indian industry. We will demonstrate that technology in the hands of brilliant people can create magic. That innovation is as much what you do with technology as the invention of the technology itself." 

To help Indian start-ups which are focusing on the mission of developing smart cities, Microsoft has launched a initiative where start-ups can be accelerated with an individual access of up to USD 120000(INR 80 Lakhs) and execute their smart city pilot projects. Microsoft has already partnered with some of the E-Commmerce giants in India like JustDial, PayTM and Snapdeal. These companies would be able to utilize Microsoft’s latest cloud based services and analytics to ensure a much better consumer experience with their  technical infrastructure and  doing any transaction.

The whole world knows about the technical genius of Microsoft and its role in digitizing the entire world, seeing some of tailored projects for India certainly increases the hope for a ‘Digitized Nation’ very soon J

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