Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How will Smartphone technology and 4G shape the future course of Youth?

India stands out as the second largest user base in the world with over 300 million internet users. But please don’t start boasting about it as it is still a figure of only 19% internet penetration rate which is too low as compared to the western countries.

Drastic increase in the smart phone sales and consequent reduction in 3G tariffs is eventually increasing the internet reach of the users and is expected to be around 500 million internet users by 2017. If you are really delighted with the current internet speed when you compare it with the speed some years before then let me again put a fact that currently the average internet speed in India is roughly around 2 Mbps which is the 2nd lowest speed in the Asia Pacific region and far below the global average of 4 Mbps.

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The great news is that with the arrival of 4G, things are expected to scale up really fast when it comes to the required internet infrastructure for Smartphone Technology. We have recently seen a lot of advertisements from some telecom operators who portray themselves as Online Institutes for learning and seen even more number of memes around it. While taking this in a sarcastic way, if you really want to know the importance of internet for work, ask any Software Engineer who searches for codes online and believe me, majority of technical work happening in the Indian IT industry happens by searching through Google and other search engines. Anyways can’t commit about others, but I consider Google as my Godfather when it comes to Online Business and coding.

With the advent of affordable Android smart phones and reduction in data tariffs, youth of India is now more connected, knowledgeable and also empowered by keeping their opinion publicly on social media platforms. It would not be correct to say that this is done only for knowledge acquisition as the recent Porn ban from the government created a huge furore on social media platforms especially from Youth.

One of the most important things which is of utmost importance relevant to Smartphone or Internet is the speed with which you are able to do things. Seamless navigation, buffering and download are some of the key things which we as a user expect from our smartphone to save time and also maintain enthusiasm. The above factors rely both on your smartphones processor as well the internet speed. Hopefully with 4G, speed issue would be resolved and for not so tech-savvy users, if you had completed the herculean task of mugging up features of Quad core processor to show your technical expertise in front of your parents or friends then you again need to learn about Octacore processor which has come in the latest smartphones giving you awesome processor performance (Dual-2, Quad-4, Octa-8 in case you want to flaunt your ‘Gyaan’).

Forget about the Youth, even kids these days are far more knowledgeable as compared to our times due to easy access of web through their Smartphones. School kids can sometimes give you inferiority complex when they talk of things like Google drive, Dropbox or a Podcast. College students are earning their pocket money by doing micro jobs on social media platforms and those who have still not been able to get jobs after their studies update their LinkedIn profiles as ‘Social Media Influencer / Blogger / Campaigner’.

4G and Octacore processors will contribute even more to a highly knowledgeable and aware generation of energetic youth who are going to drive the nation towards a more digitized and connected realm taking India to greater heights of Prosperity. Be #Technocrats

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