Thursday, 29 October 2015

Twitter unveils ‘Brand Hub’, an Analytics suite which helps advertisers track their Brand conversations

Twitter launched ‘Twitter Brand Hub’ its latest entrant to the suite of Analytics tools which helps in tracking the conversation revolving around a brand and helps marketers get key insights in to the details like Demographics, Age, Gender etc of the involved audience.

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Thinking from the Branding perspective, it can prove to be a very vital tool to track and draw insights from anything that is being tweeted from people who may be their customers or Influencers. The underlying ideology is for example; if someone watches a latest TVC of a Brand on YouTube , shares the video link on twitter along with  his/her reaction to the TVC, Brand Hub would help the Brand Advertiser know the reaction in real time.

Everyday millions of tweets are posted which mention some or the other brands. It becomes a very important aspect for an Advertiser to know the sentiments revolving around these tweets and Brand Hub performs the required task. Also it helps to know the topmost Influencers revolving around any conversation and also the top phrases which were involved.

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Well many marketers and advertisers are usually skeptical about the ROI of social media; this Analytics tool will actually help to know about which campaign has driven what kind of sentiments and ultimately may contribute to the sales. People who have used Facebook Advertising very well know the insights that it provides, seeing some innovative Analytics tools on twitter as well makes the marketer’s job much easier.

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