Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Guys even you can cook Delicious Snacks easily, try out McCain's recipes

Time is  moving at a very fast pace and so the time available for cooking has also become lesser. With the concept of nuclear families evolving at a rocketing rate, it has become really difficult to cook and eat the home made food that we once used to have. But having foods from restaurants daily can have a very negative impact on your health and burn big holes in your pocket.

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I recently came across this TVC on YouTube and thought of sharing it with my fellow Bachelor friends who are staying away from their families and are usually out of time with limited cooking resources:

It is a product from is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McCain Foods Limited in Canada and stands out as the World’s largest manufacturer of French Fries and Potato specialties. Their products are healthy, time-savers as you just need to fry or bake them and the delicious dishes would be ready in approximately 3 minutes.

I usually invite friends at my place over weekends for a Beer accompanied with some non-vegetarian snacks ordered from restaurants. But this weekend was during ‘Navratri’ (9 day sacred festival in India) and so all of us refrained from Alcohol/Non-Vegetarian food and suddenly I thought of trying this recipe from the McCain, so me with my fellow friends who can break the World records for being the worst cooks suddenly started behaving like expert Chefs and made this recipe, also we topped it with up with some Mayonnaise and  Chat Masala( I know that is a very weird combination) and surprisingly it turned out to be really well and delicious. Now we look forward to try other products and recipes from McCain and apply our engineering brains to create something new and unique every time.

Although I am a not a food expert and hardly write about it, I thought to share it with you guys as it really proved to be useful to me and my friends. Also now we guys have got confidence that even we can cook J

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