Monday, 19 October 2015

Google acquires "Digisfera" a panorama start-up to expand its 360 degree street view experience.

Google has confirmed that it has acquired Digisfera, a 5 year old Portuguese start-up which specializes in 360 degree panoramic images. The existing teams of Digisfera are expected to join the Google Street View team to expand and innovate the Google street view experience.

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Digisfera specializes in photography, design and development services for projects involving 360 degree images. It has already undertaken a series of high profile projects like 2014 World Cup in Brazil and 2014 winter Olympics in Russia.

In addition to covering live projects it also has a set of two tools :
  1. PanoTag: It lets developers add the tagging functionality to their apps which will be discontinued from the 31st of October.
  2. Marzipano: It  lets users export their panorama pictures to 360 degree images which will be sustained even after the acquisition at it is helping a lot to the photographer community.
This innovative start-up has now got a much higher potential to scale up in to the world of panoramic images and contributing to the much bigger game of Google Street View.

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