Wednesday, 14 October 2015

"Canva", An online Graphic designing and image editing platform enters the Indian market, targets 1 Mn user base by 2016.

Canva  is an Australian firm which provides readymade templates online and also image editing tools has officially entered the Indian Markets. Although Canva is present and used across 170+ countries, it is giving special importance to India as it the 4th largest market for Canva and already has a user base of over 1,50,000 and approximately 2000 users signing up on the platform every day.

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The key feature of Canva is that if simplifies the entire image editing process unlike the complex software's which require a lot of image editing skills. Also there are a lot free images available and the ones which are chargeable are of 1 USD only. These images can be used for presentations, logos and social media posts. Looking at the cost perspective it is a very handy tool for students as well as bootstrapped start-ups.

The launch comes during the festive season in India and they already have developed a lot of India specific themes and designs available on their platform for example Devanagari script and cards,social posts for Dushhera, Diwali etc.

So try out Canva and let your inner imagination come out on a graphic design irrespective of the technical skills.

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