Thursday, 10 September 2015

Why you cannot ignore Social Media for your Business Growth?

It all started with a medium for people to connect with each other, express themselves publicly and sometimes as a fun way to know what is trending/happening in the World. Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus which were previously used for leisure purposes by people are now also affecting the buying trends of the consumers and a popular/faster way to connect directly with the brands.

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The biggest advantage of being active on social media is that you can very well know what your current and prospective consumers are thinking about any product or service or your brand in particular. Also it is comparatively simpler to gauge the sentiment of any post, tweet, image or video promotion by the number of likes, comments, shares, retweets it gets. You can easily choose to target your prospective customers by selecting the required parameters which may vary from age, location, qualification, income to sometimes even personal interests which is very similar to targeting through Google Adwords. Also social media virality is something which cannot be ignored, if it gets clicked by chance then any brand can become famous overnight. 

It is a very big misconception that the Social media handle of any business is specifically targeted for Brand awareness only. Well established businesses usually aim a certain ROI (Return on Investment) for all their social media marketing campaigns. The various parameters that can be measured against your campaigns are sales of any product or service, the number of visitors who are driven to your website, number of Mobile App downloads which it has triggered and at last the end the number of people who have seen your promotion. 

Although this term is very popular and relevant in the western countries, Brand loyalty is gaining huge impetus in India as well. It is usually observed that since people use social media for leisure purposes, having yourself connected with them and updating about your products or services in a non-promotional way can strike a chord of belongingness for your brand with them and this can in long run turn them in to your loyal customers. 

Taking example of Youtube in today’s market where people usually buy products online, people usually check out the specifications of the products which may be in the form of unboxing or reviews. If any business wants to drive sales from online marketplaces then it is mandatory for them to target this section of Youtube. Without this it is impossible for any newly launched product to be sold out in the first few hours of any flash sale on the online market places. 

So all we can say that sometime back being active on social media platforms might have been considered as adding up a facelift to the traditional ways of doing any business but now in the digital age for businesses whose existing and potential customers are online, it has become a mandate.

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