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Why do Indian Born CEO’s head Tech-Giants abroad?

Sundar Pichai would be the new CEO of Google, Satya Nadella has some time back taken over as the CEO of microsoft having one third of its employees being constituted by Indians, there are numerous Indian scientists working in NASA and Indira Nooyi has been the CEO of PepsiCo for a long time.

There is a famous quote that "Growing up in a developing economy is a great preparation of management", its a simple logic that aspiring people would work harder than those who already have it. All of these CEO’s have got their undergraduate degrees from India and later went to top International universities to get their masters degrees.

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These people have achieved phenomenal success not only in the companies abroad which are any country specific but which have the largest possible global impact. So it truly becomes a great matter of pride for Indians and also acts as an inspiration for the numerous ignited minds out here.

One more matter of fact is the adaptability of these people to global firms and the firm’s policies to advocate the selection of best candidates irrespective of their Nationality or Base language. So its a win-win situation for both the organisations and executives who follow transparency and merit based system and great work culture.

But one more point to note is that although many people Indians are heading global Tech-MNC’s abroad, we are still waiting for the next Google, Facebook or Microsoft to start-up from India. The current start-up ecosystem of India is very vibrant, but somewhere they do lack the highest levels of maturity when it comes to product implementations. The focus has somewhere shifted from building world class products/services to concentrate only on revenue generation model, ignoring the fact that the former part triggers the latter one.

But the good thing is that there is a pattern of reverse brain drain in India as well, so many of the Indian executives who are at high positions in global MNC’s abroad are heading back to India. So let’s be optimistic that with the combination of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs and experienced senior professionals having experience in these giants may launch the next big thing from India.

Anyways, we congratulate these leaders on their global success and wish that any more Indians attain the same glory.
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