Thursday, 27 August 2015

Envious of Your Boss? Get your virtual assistant now

Facebook testing its own version of Virtual Assistant ‘M’ in its messenger platform. These days there is a huge penetration of Virtual Assistants in the market with the launch of  Apple’s Siri , Microsoft’s  Cortana and Hike’s Natasha in India . This is being followed by Facebook’s virtual assistant named as M integrated with its own messenger platform.

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The only difference between the other virtual assistant’s and M is that it does not rely entirely on Artificial intelligence to answer the queries of the users and perform tasks on their behalf. It has a so-called group of M-trainers behind the bots to combine the power of human as well as artificial intelligence. There are some queries or tasks which are not possible totally through machines and may require some human intervention, M is trying to address that issue and also capitalize on it.

This can be used simply with the users simply typing in their queries in the form of text and receiving the answer back in text format. It would also be able to perform tasks on behalf of the users such as making bookings, online shopping etc. The unique thing here is although virtual assistants who have been implemented by so many renowned companies before, its implementation on the world’s largest social networking platform is surely going to change the landscape in which this assistant’s would be used if implemented successfully.

One thing is for sure, by the influx of these products and services at such an astonishing rate by almost all of the tech-giants ensures that we get the best out of them and also they would be constantly upgrading/improving in their niche’s .

Lastly the good news is that now everyone would be able to afford an assistant.

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