Thursday, 6 August 2015

Airtel surprises the nation with 4G services launch

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It was not quite a distant history  when users got to experience 3G, it was a luxury for them but then some counterparts in the US/UK used to spoil the mood saying they have 4G. So to the Indian users delight now, Airtel 4G arrives with a tried and tested service with an implementation plan across India.

Airtel 4G
Image credit: Airtel India

Initial tests were carried out across the metropolitan cities, now it's available across all the major cities and towns, also we they have a pre-built list of cities on their website where 4G is currently available, also you have the option of being notified from Airtel whenever its 4G services are available in your city.

Airtel which is the world's 3rd largest telecom operator enjoys the position of the number 1 as 3G operator in India can now proudly boast of being the 1st 4G operator in India.
The best feature is that Airtel is offering 4G services at the rates of the existing 3G services, also they are delivering the 4G sim-cards your doorstep for free.

We came across the commercial of Airtel 4G on Youtube today at the link :

The promo is quite exciting and the way in which they have demonstrated heavy files getting downloaded so fast gives you a fantasy of testing it yourself to see if it's actually true.

So we checked the details and specifications of the 4G plans from the official Airtel website:

The unlimited plans are starting from Rs.999 which includes unlimited music access and free Airtel to Airtel calling and 3GB data. There are different plans for different type of devices including sim-cards for mobile phones, wi-fi dongles for connecting to laptop/tablets and wifi-routers home or workplace.

So looking at the specifications and features of the Airtel 4G services, we are pretty excited to get the experience of 4G and with the brand/trust value associated with Airtel we are quite optimistic that these services would be worth for our money and a step ahead to put India towards a more digitized nation.

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