Thursday, 25 June 2015

Chinese mobile phones shedding the image of cheap quality, Indian manufacturers should also gear up

Its not a very distant history when Chinese mobile handsets were looked upon as being cheap in quality and had no status quotient. You could hardly see college students or professionals carrying these phones because even if they had it, they might be shying away to show it off in front of others.

But the scenario has changed now with brands like Xiaomi, Gionee and OPPO offering high end phones and sometimes even exclusively through some selected online market places, these phones have become quite a craze now. They cut down on all the major marketing expenses on a product and offer them for almost half the price of a Samsung or Apple with almost same hardware specifications.

So, the Chinese handset manufacturers have been able to shed down the bad image they previously had and very much successful in establishing their market share in India and other Asian countries as well. With some of the Veteran Indian Industry leaders also investing in the expansion spree of these players, they are enjoying a much needed trust factor as well.

These serves a great example for the Indian manufacturers who still lag when it comes to quality in comparison to other foreign brands and are usually costlier as compared to the chinese manufacturers.

Micromax has been a strong player which has emerged in the Indian manufacturers segment which has eaten up a major share of brands like samsung as well and acts as a trusted alternative for the chinese phones.

Although it did try to create a similar impact of exclusivity by its product ’Yureka’, we need many such products and also many more Indian handset manufacturers to join the fray. Anyways we congratulate Micromax for the distance travelled so far in the past 4-5 years. Also by the expected investment of Alibaba and Softbank, it is going to concur many more feats.

So Indian handset manufacturers should learn from the chinese counterparts how to take the big leap from being framed cheap to competing with the best class brands, also how some home grown brands have evolved over the past few years in India and are ready to take off in the overseas markets as well competitively.
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