Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Focus is Shifting from E-Commerce to M-Commerce

Thanks to the decrease in the price range of the smartphones and data packs,there has been a drastic increase in the number of mobile apps in the past 1-2 years. With the advent of android play store where majority of the apps are free of cost and a very vastly growing application developer community, developing and installing apps has become a very simple task.

Also with the usage of apps,companies are able to stay connected to their users and update them with the latest offers and products, also people who use these apps frequently save a lot of time by using offline data which can be easily and vastly accessed if it has been previously downloaded.

E-commerce biggies have been able to convert a major portion of sales through these apps by their frequent users and this has been signified with Myntra planning to scrap its website and go for app-only model. There are some third party sites which on behalf of these businesses lure customers to install and use these applications by giving some offers.

But a major challenge is not only to get these apps downloaded but also to convert their down-loaders to their frequent customers, stats say that 80% of apps which are downloaded are never used by the users. India being a cricket crazy nation,some apps like Cricbuzz which was hugely used in the ICC cricket world cup and recently the IPL partner hotstar have been able to tap in a major segment of the users.

Also with the increase in the number of free Wi-Fi zones and the governments prerogative for a digitized nation targetting to make entire cities Wi-Fi enabled, we certainly see much more penetration in to this segment.

So now to sustain or flourish in the dynamic Business environment, being on web only cannot suffice your purpose there has to be an app too.
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