Thursday, 1 January 2015

STARTUP is the new COOL, INDIA is the hottest business destination at the moment

Although things came late but it has arrived at an astonishing pace in INDIA. The last year has been game changing for the Start-up scenario, with multimillion-dollars funding and some really innovative business models, things have been really motivating for all those creative GARAGE THINKERS targeting to shake the well established existing norms.

There is a general enthusiasm amongst youngsters to STARTUP something new in the market, guys from premier Technical and Management Institutes have started rejecting Huge Pay packages in MNCs to do something on their own. E-Commerce has now become the new GODFATHER for the RAGS to RICHES stories, people have started discussing about new ideas rather than Films or Politics, this is what ReviewMantra calls a POSITIVE SENTIMENT.

An UNEXPLORED territory gives potential for an UNCONQUERED Horizon, this is where the opportunity for New Businesses comes in to Picture in the Developing Economies. There are people who may not able to traverse internet easily but they are planning to launch their own Online Business. There was a time when NERDS or GEEKS were usually a subject of sarcasm for others but today they are highly respected and always admired doubting that he/she may be the next Big Thing in the Market.

Serial Enterpreneurs feel that this is the best time for a STARTUP citing the reason that they didnt have so much Clarity, Visibility and eventually Opportunity when they launched their initial Businesses. Also with the New Governments MAKE IN INDIA campaign, the world is looking positively for new businesses in INDIA and many of the TOP INDUSTRIALISTS are also motivating their employees to take maximum advantage of this current trend.

Senior Citizens who once thought radio-transistors was a privilege are now planning to launch their own BLOGS. Indians residing abroad are now thinking of coming back home indicating the REVERSE BRAIN DRAIN movement. So Yes, INDIA is a place to be for your next STARTUP. For Business, INDIA is not a place of more than a Billion Population but its a place of a Billion Opportunities. Reviewmantra is a great admirer of Innovation and we think on the same lines of those Last Benchers of a class who have the capability of overtaking even the first benchers in Grades but they simply dont do because they just dont want to.

So according to us you are a STARTUP if:
1) If you are a true REBEL, you dont just accept things for the heck of it without your own logical reasoning.
2) You have the GUTS of challenging business models which have been going on for the past few centuries and also devising new strategies.
3) You think about designing solutions for problems rather than nagging about them.
4) You follow your heart more than your brains (Leave the latter part to your future investors.
5) You push the current scenario and way of doing things a step ahead.

Our Piece of ADVICE to all those ignited minds in their twenties and trying to RISK their Campus Placements for their STARTUPS:
1) Dont follow anyone blindly, there may be a few STARTUPS which may have flourished at the speed of light, but majority have been struggling to build their base, so dont just read Success Stories but do read the stories of failures as well as it is always advisable to learn from someone elses mistake.
2) Always try doing mock runs and POCs of your concepts and try to test in an unknown segment of target customers which will give you a fair estimate of likelihood of its feasibility and acceptability (Its better to learn swimming in a pool rather jumping directly in to the sea )
3) Its good to be optimistic but it never harms to have a PLAN B and C ready in worst case scenarios.
4) Technology is just an enabler, there have been great minds before and would always be, so try to find good mentors irrespective of their technical expertise (CHANAKYAs strategies which are around 2000 years old are relevant even today and practised by eminent strategic people).
5) Keep your high level vision clear and insanely competitive but never ignore even the minutest details of your Business.
6) You should be 100% convinced of your idea and confident of implementing it, you cannot convince the world if you have not won the conflict within yourself.
7) Its illogical to think of Corporate Social Responsibilty where your own existence/survival is a luxury, but try to create Business Models which creates maximum employment opportunities. It should not target killing the existing businesses but creating new businesses.
8) The last but the most important advice :


Wish you all a Very Happy New Year-2015 and A Successful STARTUP!
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