Sunday, 25 January 2015

OBAMA’s Historic Visit to INDIA on REPUBLIC DAY

OBAMA is the first US president to officially attend the REPUBLIC DAY Celebrations in INDIA

DELHI is more than a FORTRESS now, but the citizens of the capital aren’t complaining about the traffic vows and the security checks as they realize the importance of this Visit. Two Influential leaders from a very humble personal backgrounds - One from the most developed country and other from one of the fastest developing economies head towards a strategic meeting.

While there may be definitely some talks about the business scenarios, this meeting seems to be of a much greater partnership between the two countries. India and the US have been connected to each other for many decades and in the current scenario, the expertise and technical dominance of the US can prove to be very vital in the the fast paced entrepreneurship ecosystem of India.

Although this visit embarks more of a emotional connect rather than the signatures on pen or papers, there is a sentiment that the two countries will have certain declaration on the initiatives of cleaner forms of energy. One commendable point is also that the guards of honor is led by the first time by a lady Wing Commander which shows India’s changing approach towards women empowerment, the issue that it was constantly ridiculed for before.

So, everything seems to be shiny and optimistic as of now. No one in these two countries can forget the inspirational speeches made by these two great LEADERS. So Lets Hope we all get to hear more from these Best Possible ORATORS and Leaders of both the countries.
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