Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mobile Dating Apps finally arrive in India

Last year has seen a huge number of entrants in the Mobile Dating Apps Category. While this has been reciprocated very enthusiastically by the youngsters (mostly in the age group of 25-35), we tried to get in to insights by signing up on the various applications both as male and female users.

In most of the cases we found that girls are more open to display their profile pics and details while guys are quite apprehensive about it. By digging the information behind this trend, we found that guys preferences were generally for casual and short term hook-ups while the gals preferences were for making friends and eventually long term relationships.

In many of the applications we found that there were monthly/yearly subscriptions charged for features such as displaying their profiles in the top searches, messaging to a hot guy/gal who have had many number of requests. We feel that this market is quite niche yet, Apps should at least be able to gain the confidence of the users for the basic features before asking them to pay for the premium features as India is a place where android is more popular while  IOS still is exclusive.

We also feel that the apps have not been completely able to verify the authenticity of a person since we were able to create many profiles on same apps. Also, as a female user things can get quite weird at times when a guy is desperate to meet you on the same night itself when you chat for the first time while there are some who give you marriage proposals right away and asking you to meet their parents.

Overall we feel that exploring this apps was quite interesting, we were able to conclude that these apps need to increase some validation steps for authenticity. Also gals are actually able to to understand its usage by setting their expectations and preferences crystal clear while Guys, you need to BEHAVE YOURSELF!
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